NUMPROP exist to create value for NUM members and their dependents through exploiting opportunities in the property market.


NUMPROP aspires to be the leading player in the property market, having global footprint, thereby adding value to our beneficiaries.


The following strategic objectives will guide the implementation programs of NUMPROP:

  •  Facilitation of the property requirements for NUM through property ownership and leasing

  • Offering the competitive property management services in the market

  • Participation in the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) programs

  • Development of networks with key role players in the property market

  • Development the internal management and governance capacity of Numprop

  • Creation of sustainable financial wealth for the shareholder – MIT

The property market in South Africa evolved significantly over the past few years. This evolution was influenced by changes in the economic and political climate. Some of the key factors that remain significant for continuous observation and assessment are:

  • Property prices in relation to the general inflationary trends of the economy

  • Building material and general construction costs and how these impact on the cost of projects, particularly new developments

  • Investment opportunities arising from political negotiations between government and private sector and how these could benefit the small and emerging property development and management agents

  • Transformation of the property market to include all sections of the population through the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment strategies.

  • And the availability of appropriate financing mechanisms that support growth of the market from both commercial and residential sector point of view.


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